Professional Teeth Whitening Melbourne CBD

There are a lot of teeth whitening deals in Melbourne and they are very different – pasta, strips, gels, pencils and other means for teeth bleaching advertised on TV. But if you have tried all the same range of pharmacies and shops but there’s no result, believe me, you are not the one who became a victim of advertising and got disillusioned in mass products of teeth bleaching that only remove food and nicotine coloration of the tooth enamel surface by lightening it but not bleaching .

Many of our patients came to us and told that originally they looked for the best teeth whitening in Melbourne on the Internet. They also told that they were interested in the cost of Melbourne teeth whitening in chair of the dentist in different districts of the city and compared prices. They visited various forums about health, read about our zoom teeth whitening in Melbourne reviews on other sites and came to the site of our clinic by recommended links. They even were going to make an appointment to the dentist, but the wish to save money and get a cheap snow-white smile has won.

As a result the race for cheapness was a failure – the sum of money spent can be compared with the average deals of cosmetic teeth whitening in Melbourne CBD, and the achieved results were very doubtful. There was fixed a slight teeth lightening in a few patients, and in some cases it was inappropriate to speak about any result at all. There were found gum problems and worsening the situation with the untreated teeth with pain and sensitivity during the examination in the dental office.

I would like to address to all the people deceived by advertising and to those who only plan to improve the color of smile and focus their attention on the fact that only one thing gives a significant result: a professional dental whitening procedure using special lamps and entities of carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide. Teeth whitening is really noticeable in this case (teeth become lighter for 6 tones and even more).

We are ready to help even those who are looking for a cheap teeth whitening in Melbourne - regular promotions and discounts on clinic services will significantly reduce the dental procedures cost. You can check out the prices and discounts for all the whitening types in the section of the site Cost.

It is necessary to register for a preliminary examination before teeth whitening to:

  • have a teeth diagnostics and make sure that the soft tissues (gums) are healthy;
  • remove tooth decay;
  • carry out professional tooth cleaning. Melbourne patients of our clinic know that removing the soft plaque and dental tartar must be held 2 times a year which affects the quality of bleach;
  • determine the teeth color at the time of treatment according to the Vitascale and choose the desired result;
  • choose the best option for you to get the best whitening results. © 2015