Teeth Whitening Dental Clinic Melbourne

Teeth whitening in our Melbourne clinic is a fast and safe procedure. A several options of teeth bleaching are offered to the center patients. They are different by the method of activating the impact of the bleaching agent to the teeth. The dentists of the Whitening Melbourne will listen to your needs, assess the teeth health, carry out the professional cleaning and choose the best bleach option for you.

All the dentists work only with safe and effective whitening systems which have been clinically tested and proven itself at its best both in terms of the office and home bleaching. So if you’re looking for the best at home teeth whitening, we can offer you professional teeth whitening home remedies.

You just need to choose the way to your dazzling smile:

1. Bleaching at the dentist's office

Dental teeth whitening technology (in the chair) is based on the activation of bleaching gel with a special lamp controlled by a dentist. Used gels are safe and do not affect the chemical structure and the tooth enamel structure, and only remove pigments from the enamel.

2. Home whitening systems

The individual mouthguard for home use is made in the clinic and you are also provided with the professional gels that you put in the mouthguard at home. Wearing a mouthguard is necessary for 2-3 hours a day. You can also make a mouthguard for whitening during sleep. The course duration is from 2 to 4 weeks.

The clinic offers teeth whitening services in Melbourne more than for 10 years, so contact us if you are interested in the best way to whiten teeth. Each patient is unique to us, so our dentists often combine elements of the various whitening techniques creating an individual bleaching process.

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