BEYOND Polus – LED Teeth Whitening Melbourne

Professional system BEYOND Polus is LED teeth whitening safe for your teeth, which successfully combines halogen and LED light technologies. The Beyond system includes cold light lamp of high intensity, which is a powerful whitening accelerator the most effective when dealing with a specially designed Beyond whitening gel.

You will need only 30 minutes to become an owner of a snow-white smile because the Beyond teeth whitening is a safe, fast and effective whitening method in the dental office in one visit.

A specially designed 150 watt halogen lamp passes the intense blue light (wavelength 480-520 nm) through the optical lens and 12,000 optical fibers, eliminating the harmful ultraviolet and infrared radiation. The results show that the light of such intensity is the best for light-whitening systems. A powerful ventilation system ensures a secure cold light.

Led teeth whitening reviews are also impressive: thousands of patients have seen by themselves that BEYOND Polus is comfortable, safe and effective (the average result of bleaching is 8 shades). Frankly speaking, the Beyond system is considered to be one of the best LED teeth whitening in Melbourne on several criteria.

 The main advantages are:

  • quick results
  • low cost

The manufacturer also takes care of consumers who need an effective and safe teeth whitening at home, which is implemented in the system for home bleaching - Beyond e-Bright. The set consists of a whitening gel activated by the whitening accelerator - LED lights built-in the mouthguard.

Make an appointment at the clinic and we will find the best bleaching option for you!

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