Laser Teeth Whitening Melbourne

Smartbleach 3LT is laser teeth whitening safe

Smartlight 3LT system is the best for patients who have thin and sensitive tooth enamel. This method is unique and truly is teeth bleaching safe for you, which is confirmed by numerous independent scientific research of leading experts, as well as numerous Smartbleach 3LT laser teeth whitening reviews.

The laser beam provides a mild effect on the tooth surface, and the equipment used in this procedure allows choosing the intensity and emission time individually.

How does Smartlight 3LT work?

The procedure is carried out only in the dental offices of our clinic in Melbourne and is a teeth whitening safe for you because of three factors:

  • the whole process is controlled by a doctor
  • the concentration of the oxidizing agent is optimal
  • Individual choosing of intensity and duration of using the equipment

The doctor puts on the tooth surface a special gel containing an oxidizing agent. It is activated under the influence of the laser beam, releasing oxygen molecules that penetrate into the deeper layers of the enamel and remove the accumulated pigment. Each tooth is processed separately for 1-2 minutes, gums and mucosa are insulated with a film.

Before the procedure the dentist removes the plaque and tartar - it is obligator otherwise there might not be the result at all.

Before and After

Smartbleach 3LT is the best laser teeth whitening in Melbourne

The session takes place quickly and comfortably. You can get a white smile just in 30 minutes. Features of this method:

  • safety
  • originality
  • painlessness
  • efficiency
  • stability of the bleaching results
  • operativeness

Teeth whitening laser cost

The most harmless means in dentistry are usually the most expensive. Therefore talking about this service as cheap whitening is not appropriate, although the laser teeth whitening Melbourne price in our clinic is very attractive due to permanent discounts and promotions. © 2015