Zoom Teeth Whitening Melbourne

If you have reached the stage where neither whitening toothpaste nor other means of cleaning the teeth help you should try teeth bleaching. Many people say that after this procedure whiteness of your teeth will not last long but it's all just rumors and stereotypes. Read zoom teeth whitening reviews and you won’t find any person who regretted doing this procedure. Our clinic dentists practiced zoom whitening in Melbourne for many years, and it must be noted that this procedure is one of the most popular clinic services.

3 steps on the way to the snow-white smile

1. We determine the original color of the teeth and protect lips and gums with the film and cofferdam. Only teeth are leaving exposed.

2. Special gel is applied on the teeth with a small amount of hydrogen peroxide bleaching teeth very carefully and at the same time effectively.

3. The lamp that activates the whitening gel is turned on. The gel should be laid 3 times, and the duration of each switching-on is 15 minutes.

After completing the procedure you look in the mirror, smile and enjoy the dazzling snow-white smile!

ZOOM whitening Melbourne cost

Now our cost of zoom teeth whitening is especially attractive for those who are looking for discounts and the best zoom teeth whitening Melbourne cost.

ZOOM technology is safe for teeth, and it even strengthens them!

Clinical tests of recent years have shown that the used gel is the most secure means of teeth whitening. It doesn’t affect the teeth chemistry, their structure and strength; it just pushes out coloring pigments. The procedure doesn’t cause side effects, and amorphous calcium phosphate which is a part of the gel reduces the sensitivity and strengthens the tooth enamel.

Before and After

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